Huffington Post: The Best Foods To Make In An Instant Pot, According To Chefs

by Abigail Abesamis (featuring recipe from Chef Kristen Thibeault)

The all-in-one multicooker isn’t going away anytime soon. So whether you’re already deep in the Instant Pot game, you were just gifted one over the holidays or you have yet to hop on the bandwagon, we’re serving up some cooking inspiration from the pros.

Vegan Wild Rice And Mushroom Soup

This soup is a typical weeknight meal that Kristen Thibeault, co-founder and executive chef of corporate catering company Nybll in Oakland, California, prepares for her family with the help of an Instant Pot.

“Preparing food with the Instant Pot is incredibly helpful because these days we all (myself included) struggle to balance having a million places to be at once with longing for beautiful, healthy food that’s cooked at home,” Thibeault told HuffPost. “There’s no reason to feel like you’re cheating or taking shortcuts because the flavors and textures you can build speak for themselves. Especially as a mother of four, I can put food on the table that I’m proud of while saving precious family time and using less energy than other methods.”

To make the soup, Thibeault puts carrots, onions, celery, butternut squash, garlic, mushrooms, wild rice and vegetable stock in an Instant Pot and cooks them on high pressure for 40 minutes. In a separate pot, she heats pea milk to a simmer and adds nutritional yeast and mushroom seasoning, stirring until dissolved. She whisks in cornstarch to thicken the mixture and then combines it with the Instant Pot soup. To finish, Thibeault stirs in chopped kale and seasons to taste with fresh herbs, salt and pepper.

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