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The Patra Project: Feed 1 Million in 2020

Nybll believes access to healthy, nutritious food is a human right

The lines at food banks wrap for hours just to get a box of overly processed or canned food. Some families wait overnight with their kids in the car. Even more  can’t get to a food bank pickup location or get in line because they don’t have a car and a car is THE ONLY way to get in line and receive food. You can help put healthy real food on the table for a family in need today.   We invite you to watch the above video, we recently published, to learn more about our cause.

At the end of each meal service, Nybll’s Concierge staff brings back all unserved portions to be donated. These meals are repackaged and delivered to agencies who are servicing our local communities.

Pay it forward to a family in need with a Nybll Love Box. Each box is  given to a family living in SF, West Oakland or LA that is suffering and at-risk due to the coronavirus. Send a special message of hope and share the love.  Your $30 donation is matched by Nybll, Inc.

Each box includes: 3 healthy chilled family meals, apples, oranges, Milk, bread, butter, pasta, rice, beans, carrots, onion, greens, and your special message of love. Each box also includes a soup and salad.

The Foundation for the Patra Project

The foundation for the Patra Project comes from the ancient Buddhist philosophy of giving and receiving. Monks in many eastern traditions carry a Patra bowl, or alms bowl with them and rely on the generosity of their community to sustain them. The monks know they will be cared for, that their Patra bowl will always be full, and the community knows the monks will bless and care for their spiritual needs. This interconnected “knowing” is the basis for our name and guiding principles. Each feels a sense of obligation in the cycle of giving and receiving. In that way, we know that by caring for the communities we serve, our needs will be met and we will all thrive and flourish.

The Patra Project is Nybll’s own 501c3 charitable organization.