About Nibll

We are the performance food service for offices that fuel high achievers.


We serve over 150 menus – all clean, healthy, and loaded with complex flavors and combinations with themes like California Farmstand, Burmese BBQ, South Indian, Garden of Eden, West African, Thai, Caribbean, and Afghan Bazaar. Try our DIY menus including Ramen Bar, Taco Bar, Pho Bar, Hawaiian Poke, Banh Mi Bar, and Salad Bar.
Say goodbye to the same old lunch.



Nibll manages all aspects of ordering, delivery, set up, clean up, and special requests including last minute changes. We curate monthly menus for daily service factoring in your preferences and favorites giving you the ultimate in convenience Meals are provided with drop-off family style setup or as a white glove service.



Lunch should not require a nap. We offer clean recipes using real locally sourced food. We avoid processed foods including dairy, flour, sugar, and MSG. We use healthy oils and seasonings. Menus include a hearty vegetarian entree and traditional proteins that are responsibly sourced locally.


Eat to Win

Nibll is a health focused food service that helps top tier companies and world championship teams of the MLB, NBA and NHL to achieve peak performance. Founded in 2012, Our meals are produced in our own dedicated kitchens. Leaning on plant-forward, high protein menu themes from around the globe that satisfy cravings, increase energy and promote a culture of health. Nibll’s premium event services and office meal programs enable employers to nourish and excite the various tastes of large teams- with most every dietary need addressed in our menu themes daily. Each dish Nibll serves is accompanied by ingredients, allergens, and nutritional information readily displayed side by side next to the dish.

Seamless Convenience

Nibll manages all aspects of your employee meal service from ordering and delivery, to set-up, service and clean-up. After the meal, our Client Portal will help you manage and review real-time information about reactions, ratings, and opinions from your team. It is also there for you to preview upcoming menus along with their nutritional information.

The Patra Project

In 2016, Nibll founded The Patra Project, a 501c3 aimed at fighting food inequity in underserved communities. The project has fed 100,000 meals to kids and families in need and has the goal of donating 10 million meals annually by 2022. At the end of each meal service, Nibll’s Concierge staff brings back all unserved portions to our commercial kitchen- there is no need to schedule any extra pick ups. Once the meals are brought back to HQ, they are repackaged and chilled down overnight. These repackaged meals are delivered to agencies who are servicing our local community. We are always striving for zero food waste.

Nibll currently operates in San Francisco and Los Angeles with plans to expand to over ten national markets by 2022.