Corporate Catering FAQ


  1. What will the catering experience be for our employees?


Your employees will enjoy truly outstanding and personal service with every meal. NIBLL servers greet guests with smiles, remember names, are up to date on menu details and recipes, and strive to become a positive part of the office family.  

Our operations and logistics planning is meticulous and tech heavy to ensure each service is delivered and set up on time, we leave early to set up early. Our on time track record over the last five years is nearly perfect.

Each service includes colorful printed menus and dish cards.  

In addition to printed signage, NIBLL provides a robust interactive online portal giving guests the opportunity to view, rate, and review each menu. Guests can view upcoming menus up to one month ahead of time, and can view menus for the prior two weeks.

Information provided in the NIBLL portal includes dish names, ingredients, allergens, and nutritional macros for every item.  This allows employees to eat safely according to dietary restrictions and allows them to preview and select the dishes they prefer most, while avoiding the dishes they should not eat.

We create exciting authentic dining experiences every day.  We make each meal pop with global themes, inventive combinations, meticulous preparation, and relentless attention to detail in every dish. We take our chefs to top area restaurants so they can taste the standard and so their flavors are a authentic as possible

We all thrive on variety and selection.  NIBLL offers 200 menu themes and 1,000 unique dishes and sides to answer the need.  We rotate menus based on seasonality, popularity, and guest preference.  Each menu offers at least two classic proteins, a vegan protein, three sides, soup, and composed salad and salad bar.  We provide sandwich platters as well. We introduce new menus monthly and are highly responsive to client suggestions and ideas.

Many of our menus are interactive and imaginative such as our DIY series.  We can also create special themes for holidays or other celebrations.

We use only top quality healthy ingredients, organic when possible, sourced from responsible suppliers. We offer extensive vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and paleo options. We use sustainably raised and harvested lean proteins. We shy away from highly processed ingredients, added sugars, dairy, and carb heavy recipes that can slow you down.

We are grateful to serve those less fortunate via The Patra Project.
The Patra Project is our own 501c3 foundation established to feed kids in need. Our social purpose is to eliminate food deserts in our urban communities where access to healthy food is limited or non-existent. Each month we donate healthy meals to Bay Area charities to help fight food insecurity, especially for families.

The composition of every NIBLL meal is based in state-of-the-art nutritional science, supported by leading medical research.  Our chefs are guided by our in-house Registered Dietitian to ensure that appropriate macro and micronutrients are present in every meal we provide for our customers.  Our menus include proteins, fats, carbs, and seasoning that all support a healthy diet and consistent sustained energy throughout the day so that guests are not weighed down and they are not hungry for the rest of the day.

  1. What is NIBLL’s employee vaccination policy.

NIBLL requires all employees to maintain up-to-date vaccinations to protect the health and safety of personnel, clients, and the community from infection. All employees must certify that they have received the necessary vaccinations and maintain a copy of the certification, which employees must provide upon the company’s request. We keep copies of vaccination records on every employee.

This is a mandatory program except for documented medical and religious reasons for not receiving the vaccine. 

NIBLL employees are required to wear masks during site visits and when serving food in compliance with state and local mandates. The mask requirement will remain in place throughout 2021.

  1. What is the maximum headcount NIBLL is able to serve?

NIBLL can accommodate up to 3,000 employees at one location at this time. 

  1. How flexible can you be with our headcount needs in terms of contraction and expansion? Additionally, how much time do you need for any headcount changes?

We are very flexible with your headcount needs. We request 24 hours notice to your account manager of any changes to headcount.

  1. How do you track and anticipate daily headcount and meal numbers? What is your solution if we run out of food? 

Our process for supporting food availability has evolved over the last six years, and we believe that we have cracked the code to ensure every team member can enjoy a meal at every service.  We almost NEVER run short!

We publish a weekly email each Thursday with the upcoming weekly menus.  This includes the estimated number of guests per the POC forecast.   We always provide 10% more than is required for the order to avoid shortages or outages of any dish.  We restock buffet serving trays (chafers) gradually holding back each of the main dishes as needed throughout the lunch service so that guests at the end of lunch service have the same variety and selection as was served in the beginning.

This is a highly custom process that is modified according to each client and the typical flow at their office. Your assigned NIBLL Client Success Advocate will work with your company’s account manager to confirm and track daily head count numbers per floor. Orders are entered and modified as needed in our proprietary order management software system (MISE) to ensure that our kitchen prepares the appropriate amount of food per day. 

  1. What is NIBLL’s set up and breakdown services entail?

NIBLL’s on-site servers completely set up and breakdown the service line for each meal. Upon arrival, servers will set up tables, chafers, sterno, electric chafer heaters, utensils, and food for all floors. When meal service begins the servers will manage servicing the buffets and ensure a clean and robust buffet spread. When lunch service concludes, servers will consolidate leftovers, clean supplies and surfaces, and return the dining area to its original setting. 

Additionally, NIBLL servers will be responsible for packing any leftover food for packaging for employees to take home, removing from the offices after service, and/or donating any uncompromised food to one of our donation recipient partners. 

  1. What is the cost per person for using NIBLL?

Please email us at [email protected] or fill out the “Contact” form on to get a detailed quote sent to you

  1. Are you able to provide snack services as well? If so, please describe your pantry program.

NIBLL works with select partners for coffee services. NIBLL provides snacks and pantry items like chips, bars, fruit, beverages directly. Additionally, we do provide house made larger grab and go items such entree salads, sandwiches, and smaller grab and go items such as protein packs, hummus crudite dips, and power boost packs. Please see examples below. 

  1. What type of nutritional and/or allergen information do you provide?

Our nutritional panels for sealed meals are derived based on a sophisticated API integration with the USDA.  Every ingredient with portions are stored in every NIBLL meal recipe.  MISE, our proprietary software reads the recipe to produce the nutritional panel, just like to those printed on retail food products. 

  1. What does your maintenance and management of the meal hour look like?

NIBLL will provide White Glove service for the four floors of the Carta Office in San Francisco, CA. NIBLL staff will set up all serving lines with heated chafers, signage, food labels, plates, utensils etc.  Staff will serve all food and replenish serving dishes throughout service.  Staff will pack leftovers, clean the service area including all serving surfaces and floors, to return to normal state.  All serving equipment and trays that can be stored onsite will be cleaned and stowed in designated storage area(s).  Trash removal is not included.

  1.  How are leftovers managed?

NIBLL will organize any leftover food for packaging for employees to take home, remove from Carta offices after lunch service, and/or donate any uncompromised food. NIBLL has a very robust donation program, we pride ourselves in donating to families the Bay Area via several charitable organizations. We have donated over 200,000 meals over the last several years. 

  1. Please describe how you give back to the community, impact poverty and food insecurity?

We are also very grateful to serve those less fortunate via our sister non-profit organization: The Patra Project, which was founded to combat food deserts in our urban communities where access to healthy food is non-existent. Every NIBLL meal purchased helps fight hunger in our community.  Each month via our food recovery efforts, we prepare thousands of free healthy meals serving Bay Area shelters, day homes, and homeless families to fight the growing problem of food insecurity. Meals are chilled, packed, and delivered from the excess food not served during meal service at our clients.

This donation service is built into every client service model at NO extra cost. Every NIBLL service and donation helps our clients impact the community and fight food insecurity. 

  1.  Can you provide boxed lunches? If so, please provide any details or impact to the meal experience.

Yes, we provide pre-packaged boxed lunches in compostable, oven and microwave safe containers. Our hot and chilled pre-portioned grab-go prepared meals in film sealed containers available at all client sites for catered events or as additions to buffets. Boxed lunches will be sent cold and transferred under time temperature control in insulated containers. Items will be kept cold in either holding refrigerators or in insulated containers.IBLL