Gifts to give the home Chef in your life (that won’t break the bank!)

Still figuring out the perfect gift for the amateur chef in your life? Chef Kristen shares her top 3 favorite affordable chef tools that create professional grade results.

Give these as gifts and be personally rewarded with some scrumptious results… they’re the gifts that keep on giving!

1. Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano, $89 at Walmart

 Precision chefing has gone mainstream. This sous vide is a super easy tool that will get you cooked to the exact temperature that your recipe calls for. Use this tool’s attachment to clip on to your pot and submerge your sealed food in water to attain the perfect temp. There is even a mobile app with this product that sets reminders and timers. Anyone can cook haute cuisine now!  

2. Benriner Mandoline, $25 on Amazon

Every chef knows that diners eat with their eyes before any morsel of food hits the taste buds. A mandoline is a chef staple that creates a consistently sliced  presentation that pleases the eye. Use this tool to produce beautiful paper-thin and julienned vegetable slices that create the perfect touch of symmetry and consistency to your finished dish. 

3. Paderno Spiralizer, $25 on Amazon. 

Use this tool when you need an elongated version of your fruit or veggie- think veggie noodles (for the carb-free)  and fruit ribbons (for the creative edible garnish). The Paderno Spiralizer is a workhorse and is sturdy enough to spiralize the mightiest of root vegetables. It is great quality for the price and stands up to a lot of use.