Nybll hosts JASON Learning students

With Nybll’s HQ in the Bay Area, the center of world innovation, JASON students from VA and TX made a stop to our office & kitchen during their tour of the Bay to see how food, the oldest necessity of humankind, has its place in the realm of technology. 

JASON  is an educational nonprofit based out of Virginia that was founded in 1989 by Dr. Robert Ballard. He famously discovered the Titanic wreck and had the vision to harness the momentum of this modern-day discovery to get students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers. 

During their visit, the JASON Argonauts, the students and teachers that travel with JASON, toured Nybll facilities with CEO Keven Thibeault to understand the full picture of operations. But first… lunch! You can see, hear and feel at many STEM field trips; but how often can you say you can taste an experience! Students enjoyed our Guatemalan menu to start the day’s event to truly understand the magic that Nybll makes everyday. From there, students explored the building- from the commercial-grade kitchen prep space, operations hub, meal pack-out area, and massive walk-in refrigeration. Finishing in the conference room, Thibeault got down to the brass tacks of what goes into making an operation like this really happen every single day. 

Thibeault explained how Nybll’s success is due to the nutritional standards it lays out. Our performance menus are designed  to avoid the use of gluten, dairy and flour – the elements that contribute to mid-day energy crashes. Thibeault then went on to demonstrate the applications used in MISE, our proprietary software that stores recipes and client preferences; and the Portion Guide that helps chefs order the correct amount for a given menu. Once the meal is planned, MISE is also used for its Client Portal where diners can access nutritional information, view upcoming menus, and rate dishes they have eaten. From there, Thibeault gave an overview of the two apps used once the delivery is en route. One app shows clients where their delivery is as soon as it leaves the building, and the other keeps our drivers safe with dash cam video and driver behavior tracking. 

Thank you to the students of JASON for your interest in learning all about our operations. We hope to be serving your areas soon! And a special congrats to Gabby, who shortly after her visit learned she gained early acceptance to her first choice school, Virginia Tech, where she will be studying to become a food scientist! 

Congrats Gabby! Pictured pointing on the top left photo.