Go Verde: Spicy Peruvian Chicken Verde Recipe

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Yes, we love to go green- but today we go verde! 

For our clients who love Nybll’s Peruvian menu, Chef Kristen shares her best practices to preparing  a whole chicken with a Peruvian flare with the Spicy Peruvian Chicken Verde.

Note to our vegans and vegetarians: It’s all in the sauce! Add Chef’s dynamite Spicy Verde Paste to your favorite vegan protein of choice! 

What tools do you need in your kitchen to cook a whole chicken? 

Plastic wrap, a baking or roasting pan large enough to hold the bird with an extra 3 inches around the side, vinyl gloves, carving knife, cutting board.

What are essential parts of the method ? 

1. Bringing the chicken to room temp before cooking

 2. Cooking breast side down to drive most moisture into breasts

 3. Seasoning under the skin

What are key ingredients and why are they important? 

1. Lime acts as a tenderizer 

2. Avocado mayo acts as a moisture retainer

What should people keep in mind when doing this? 

Must cook until internal temperature  reaches 165 degrees. Also, if you are hosting vegans or vegetarians, make a little extra of the Spicy Verde Paste (with vegan avocado mayo)  so they may partake in this Peruvian pleasure! 

What are some ways you can really mess this up?

 Don’t forget to set your timer. Undercooking or Overcooking will ruin this dish. Don’t use a knife or utensil to separate skin from meat. It will tear the skin. 

Any helpful tips or tricks going into this endeavor?

Resting the cooked bird for 10 minutes retains the moisture and drives the juices back into the bird.

What are the best sides for your whole chicken meal? 

After the initial 20 minutes at 450 degrees, add whole baby purple potatoes, baby carrots, whole garlic, and a large diced onion to pan and be sure to baste with chicken jus. Salt as needed before serving.