California catering service Nybll has launched its food safety and community health protocol. The agency seeks to protect the health of its clients and staff while providing great service.

California’s fastest growing catering service Nybll has launched a food safety and community health protocol to protect its corporate and non-corporate clients.

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The newly launched health protocol comes in response to the pandemic. Nybll has been serving highly nutritious food to athletes and corporate America for almost a decade. With the needs of their clients in mind, they have decided to implement a series of new strategies.

To give the same great service amidst these trying times, Nybyll has put in place stringent guidelines that their staff must follow while carrying out their regular duties.

Some of these guidelines include weekly culinary safety meetings that cover a range of food, physical safety and sanitation topics, laser thermometer checks at the beginning of each shift, a mandatory questionnaire to assess the health of their family members, the use of gloves at all times during food preparation and service, frequent hand washing no less than the prescribed 20 seconds along with frequent cleaning.

Any staff member that indicates that they are feeling seek is required to stay home until they are well. To ensure this, the services of Ecosure, a third party vendor, is employed to conduct surprise monthly mock Health Department audits.

Their service to corporate entities involves on-site catering and home-delivered meals. The protocol has put in place strict measures to ensure that staff on-site can enjoy their meals in a safe environment.

Nybll has stated that they are ready to deliver meals to the homes of their clients if companies decide to work from home. They began as an executive meal home delivery service eight years ago and can offer this service again.

Nybll is committed to providing high-quality, affordable, and safe food to their clients in Oakland. They currently serve tech giants, professional athletes, and other corporate and non-corporate entities.

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