for as little at $9 per meal

Work From Home Corporate Meal Service

Now you can keep your remote

workforce connected with the

company’s culture and performing at

peak levels. NIBLL Home enables

employers to offer free or subsidized

meal plans to their remote employees.

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Remote workforces have risen in popularity and necessity.  However, the increasing numbers of work-from-home employees has created new challenges in maintaining corporate culture, productivity, and work place satisfaction.  NIBLL Home offers the same high performance meals to help keep your workforce productive, engaged and satisfied. NIBLL Home offers flexible meal packages that will fit your corporate budget.


Employees have direct access to NIBLL Home's ordering platform so they can easily select their meals and dietary preferences.


For as little as $9/meal, NIBLL Home offers flexible meal packages that will fit your budget. Once the budget is set, you will only pay for the food that is ordered.

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Trusted By Top Professional Sports Teams and Tech CompaniesTo Drive Peak Performance.

Leave the Shopping, Cooking and Cleaning to US

Chef inspired, our menus are created by our talented chef team and in-house Nutritionist, to offer you a whole new approach to healthy prepared food.  You can feel really good about diving into an easier, healthier home delivered meal option.

Food Safety

Our meals are prepared in a dedicated commercial kitchen by Servsafe trained chefs that have all been educated on WHO and CDC food safety during these uncertain times.

Rotating Weekly Meals

Fight food burnout with constantly changing meals, flavors and ingredients. We keep it fresh so you never get board or hangry. Our food is responsibly sourced and free of refined sugars.

Giving Back With Every Meal

We believe in food equality and that everyone has the right to healthy food. 40% of food in the U.S. goes to waste, while 1 in 7 Americans struggle with hunger. We're taking action. With every NIBLL Home order, The Patra Project, will donate a meal to one of our partners to fight childhood hunger, food inequality and support food dignity.